Draft Code of Practice released for public consultation

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DGA establishes enforceable industry standards – the Code of Practice –  and sets benchmarks around the collection, use and management of data in Australia. These standards are about being the champions for responsible data use while allowing business to drive innovation and growth.


In signing up to the Code of Practice, DGA members affirm their commitment and as such, are able to wear the DGA Trust Mark. Providing consumers with a visible symbol of a quality and businesses with a clear differentiator.


DGA members are represented at the highest levels of government, in the interest of ensuring that Australia maintains a self-regulatory and innovative data environment.


Ensuring that DGA members affirm their commitment to and align with Code of Practice is a major part of our work.

Industry News

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Upcoming Events

DGA Code of Practice Launch – Public consultation

DGA Code of Practice Launch – Public consultation

June/Jul 2017: Public consultation on the DGA Code of Practice is open to all interested stakeholders from 19 June 2017 – 19 July 2017.

DGA Code of Practice Launch – Adoption and Launch

DGA Code of Practice Launch – Adoption and Launch

July/Aug 2017: The DGA Board will adopt the final DGA Code of Practice following the completion of the Public Consultation Process. The DGA Code of Practice will be launched in Aug 2017, setting industry-leading standards and benchmarks for the responsible collection, use, management and disclosure of data.

DGA Code of Practice Effective

DGA Code of Practice Effective

Jan 2018: The DGA Code of Practices comes into effect on, and will be enforceable from, 1 January 2018.