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DGA establishes enforceable industry standards – the Code of Practice –  and sets benchmarks around the collection, use and management of data in Australia. These standards are about being the champions for responsible data use while allowing business to drive innovation and growth.


In signing up to the Code of Practice, DGA members affirm their commitment and as such, are able to wear the DGA Trust Mark. Providing consumers with a visible symbol of a quality and businesses with a clear differentiator.


DGA members are represented at the highest levels of government, in the interest of ensuring that Australia maintains a self-regulatory and innovative data environment.


Ensuring that DGA members affirm their commitment to and align with Code of Practice is a major part of our work.

Industry News

Employees Cause Majority of Notifiable Data Breaches

Privacy regulator, OAIC, releases first Quarterly Report into the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme, revealing majority of notifiable data breaches are caused by employees and human error.

The Limits of Consent

A recent decision in a privacy case challenges the limits of consent, suggesting consumer consent does not validate over-collection of personal information and cannot override an entity’s requirement to only collect the personal information reasonably necessary for its functions and activities

CLOUD Moots Microsoft Case

The long-awaited decision between Microsoft and the US Justice Department about cross-border access to data will be waited no more, with the US Supreme Court declaring there is no longer a case to decide following the passage of the CLOUD Act.

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GDPR Courses

GDPR Courses

Hear experts in the General Data Protective Regulation (GDPR) talk about the good, bad and ugly and learn how to enhance your data governance practice.

Data Privacy & Protection Conference

Data Privacy & Protection Conference

Understanding the changes which impact how you collect, store and use your data is more important than ever. Join us for a one-day conference on Data Privacy & Protection.