DGA Chairman, Grame Samuel AC, to deliver address to the National Press Club on Wednesday 12 July 2017

DGA Chairman, Grame Samuel AC, to deliver address to the National Press Club on Wednesday 12 July 2017
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DGA Chairman, Graeme Samuel AC will deliver an address to the National Press Club about whether we can satisfy community expectations and balance privacy with innovative data use.  The address will be streamed live on ABC News24.

When: Wednesday 12 July 2017, 12.30pm

For more information or to attend the address visit the National Press Club website.

Your Data: The balancing act of consumer protection and benefits of data innovation

Consumers  are becoming increasingly concerned about the data practices of businesses and governments.  The concerns are magnified with regular reporting about bad data practices that are viewed as ‘creepy’ by consumers. This lack of consumer trust and confidence represents a major roadblock in harnessing and unleashing the full potential of data.  This demands a new way of thinking about data and the role of individuals, industry and regulation. In fact, the extent of data innovation and the value that will ultimately be generated, depends on our ability to rethink our relationship with data.

Data, at its core, presents a significant post-industrial opportunity for innovation and value-creation.  Data now plays a fundamental role in almost all aspects of individuals’ lives, business, the economy, and government.  It undoubtedly has the potential to, and is, changing our lives.  Businesses and governments are investing in their data and treating it as an important asset from which more valuable, accurate and actionable insights can be derived.

The Productivity Commissioner recently released its Final Report into Data Availability and Use with some revolutionary ideas for the management and use of data.

This Final Report raises serious questions about how to regulate data to satisfy community expectations without stifling innovation.

Through the leadership of Data Governance Australia, industry has stepped up to grapple with the tensions between innovation and community expectations, by developing a principles-based self-regulatory regime for the responsible and ethical use of data. What role will the Code of Practice play in driving consumer trust, satisfying community expectations and increasing innovation?