DGA Code of Practice

Data Governance Australia is committed to setting industry standards and benchmarks for the responsible and ethical collection, use and management of data in Australia.

We have developed a Code of Practice as part of our on-going effort to set leading industry standards, promote a culture of best practice, and to drive innovation by increasing consumer confidence and trust in the data practices of organisations.

The DGA Code of Practice is a principles-based self-regulatory regime that sets leading industry standards and benchmarks for responsible and ethical data-practices through 9 core principles*:

  • No-harm rule
  • Honesty & transparency
  • Fairness
  • Choice
  • Accuracy and access
  • Accountability
  • Stewardship
  • Security
  • Enforcement

* DGA is also consulting with relevant government bodies and industry stakeholder to develop solutions for data portability issues.

Enforced & Overseen by the Code Authority

The DGA Code of Practice will be enforced and overseen by an independent Code Authority, which consists of 7 members – 3 members from consumer groups, 3 members from industry, and an independent Chair. The Code Authority provides consumers with an expedient and low-cost process to resolve issues with DGA Code Organisations.

The DGA Code Authority Charter will be made available soon.